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JEDDAH, SAUDI ARABIA: Modern Technology and RF Code, Inc. announced that Modern Technology has received an ID folks Award for “Best Innovative resolution for Mobile Asset Tracking.”
The award, given to Modern Technology at ID World in Abu Dhabi, was primarily based on an implementation at the University of Najran within which Modern Technology’s Trail-AMS asset tracking resolution, in conjunction with RF Code’s active RFID technology, was deployed to observe and track the University’s assets across its buildings and campuses.

Asset Trail-AMS is an asset tracking resolution for big organizations that leverages knowledge generated by RF Code’s active RFID tags and readers to trace asset movement and placement in real-time.
“Our system is absolutely compliant with the necessities of the Ministry of Higher Education in Saudi Arabia for correct inventory and possession tracking,” said Modern Technology CEO Kamal Ahmed. “Asset Trail, combined with RF Code, provides the foremost complete, real-time asset tracking resolution offered within the Middle East.”
“We are delighted to be a part of an award-winning deployment of active RFID technology,” said RF Code CEO Mitch Medford. “Modern Technology is one amongst our leading partners within the Middle East. the mix of their resolution and our active RFID technology provides Modern Technology customers with vanguard asset management solutions.”

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